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Dr. Marte Fallshore

Associate Professor of Psychology

Ph.D. Cognitive Psychology, University of Pittsburgh
M.S. University of Pittsburgh
B.S. Colorado State University

Office: 462 Psychology Building
Phone: (509)-963-3670

Courses Typically Taught at CWU

  • PSY 101: Introductory Psychology
  • PSY 300: Research Methods
  • PSY 355: Environmental Psychology
  • PSY 362: Introductory Statistics
  • PSY 460: Cognition
  • PSY 558: Advanced Statistics
  • PSY 465 Psychology and the Law

Research Interests

My research interests include assessment of attitudes regarding the severity of crimes, recognition of facial expressions of emotion, and verbal overshadowing. I also enjoy mentoring undergraduates in their own research pursuits, or as assistants to me in my research endeavors. I frequently have 4 or 5 directed research students per quarter, working on their own projects or helping me with mine. I ask students for at least a 3-quarter commitment, and a progress report every quarter. At the end of their project, I expect a full APA-style paper and presentation of their studies at SOURCE and/or regional professional conferences.

I am also interested in beginning to work in the area of environmental decision-making, though this line of research is on the back burner for now awaiting interested students.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Penick, J. M., Fallshore, M., & Spencer, A. M. (2014). Using intergenerational service-learning to promote positive perceptions about older adults and community service in college students. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 12, 25-39.
  • Shores, A., & Fallshore, M. (2012, April). Effects of victim sex on perceptions of intimate partner violence severity in heterosexual relationships. Poster presented at the Annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association.
  • Sigel, E., & Fallshore, M. (2012, April). Verbal overshadowing and humor perception. Poster presented at the Annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association.
  • Masberg, B. A. Fallshore, M., & Norman, C. (2011, November). Birders don't always flock together: Understanding birder preferences for tourism development. Paper presented at the meeting of the National Recreation and Park Association, Atlanta, GA
  • Meško, G., Fallshore, M., & Muratbegović, E. (2008). Fear of crime in two of post-socialist countries – Searching for explanations. Journal of Criminal Justice, 36, 546-553.
  • Fallshore, M., & Hall, D. (2005, October 15). Recycling and canvas bags: Can charging people increase recycling? Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Human Ecology, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Fallshore, M., & Todd, K. (2003, May). Do males and females differ in their assessment of crime severity? Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, Chicago, IL.

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