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Dr. Heath Marrs

Associate Professor of Psychology

Director, School Psychology Masters Program
Co-Director, Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center

Ed.D. Educational Psychology, Kansas State University
Ed.S. School Psychology, Fort Hays State University
M.S. School Psychology, Fort Hays State University
B.A. Psychology, Tabor College.

Office: Psychology Building Room 118
Phone: (509)-963-2391

Courses Typically Taught at CWU

  • PSY 501 Professional Seminar in School Psychology
  • PSY 525 Psychology of Reading
  • PSY 566 Behavioral and Social-Emotional Assessment
  • PSY 592 Practicum
  • PSY 467 Child Psychopathology
  • PSY 447 Psychology of Adolescence

Research Interests

  • Professional issues in school psychology
  • Response to Intervention
  • Early literacy interventions
  • Gender issues in education
  • Academic engagement

Selected works:

  • Marrs, H., & Little, S. (2014). Perceptions of school psychologists regarding barriers to Response to Intervention (RTI) implementation. Contemporary School Psychology, 18, 24-34.
  • Marrs, H. (2013). Team-based Learning: An innovative approach to promoting transfer and knowledge in school psychology training. Trainers’ Forum: The Journal of the Trainers of School Psychologists, 31, 47-61.
  • Marrs, H., Sigler, E., & Brammer, R. (2012). Gender, masculinity, femininity, and help seeking in college. Masculinities and Social Change, 1(3), 267-292. doi: 10.4471/MCS.2012.16
  • Marrs, H., & Sigler, E. (2012). Male academic performance in college: The possible role of study strategies. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 13, 227-241.
  • Marrs, H. (2011). Increasing learner engagement with team-based learning. In R. L. Miller, E. Amsel, B. M. Kowalewski, B. C. Beins, K. D. Keith, & B. F. Peden (Eds.), Promoting student engagement: Vol. 1, Programs, techniques, and opportunities (pp.185-191). Retrieved from the American Psychological Association Division 2 Society for the Teaching of Psychology Web Site:
  • Marrs, H., & Eccles, D. (2009). Assessment of limited English proficiency students in a rural midwestern state. Rural Special Education Quarterly, 28(2), 22-38.
  • Marrs, H., & Benton, S. (2009). Relationships between separate and connected knowing and approaches to learning. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 60(1-2), 57-66.
  • Marrs, H., Hemmert, E., & Jansen, J. (2007). Trouble in a small school: Perceptions of at-risk students in a rural high school. The Journal of At-Risk Issues, 13(2), 29-35.

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