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Dr. Elizabeth (Libby) Street

Professor of Psychology

B.S. West Virginia University
M.A. West Virginia University
Ed.D. West Virginia University


Office: 478 Psychology Building
Phone: (509)-963-3640


About Dr. Street:

Dr. Street has been on the faculty at CWU since 1979 and, since 1981, has served as a trainer and consultant with Morningside Academy. Her areas of interest include instructional design and implementation particularly in reading and mathematics, classroom management, and behavioral interventions with students with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. She has been very active in the university, and as served as the university's Chief Planning Officer under two presidents. She is currently lending her expertise to the Master's degree specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Courses Typically Taught at CWU:

  • PSY 301: Learning
  • PSY 315: Educational Psychology
  • PSY 551: Behavior Analysis
  • PSY 559: Advanced Educational Psychology

Research Interests:

  • relation of fluency of component skills to composite behavior
  • reading decoding and reading comprehension
  • the relative roles of instructivism vs. constructivism to educational practice