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Psychology Department
Phone: 509-963-2381

Danielle Polage

Associate Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, University of Washington
B.A., Mathematics, Emory University

Office: Psychology Bldg, Room 480
Phone: (509) 963-2012

Courses typically taught at CWU:

  • PSY 300 - Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSY 301 - Learning
  • PSY 450 - Sensation and Perception
  • PSY 460 - Cognitive Psychology

General areas of interest:  Memory research as it pertains to law, eye witness testimony, lying and jury deliberation

Selected works:

  • Polage, D. C. (2019).  Liar, liar: Consistent lying decreases belief in the truth.  Applied Cognitive Psychology, 33(4), 527-536.  doi:  10.1002/acp.3489
  • Polage, D. C. (2019, June).  System and estimator variables and their effects on perceived guilt with and without expert testimony.  Poster presented at Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition. Brewster, MA.
  • Williams, E. J. & Polage, D. (2018).  How persuasive is phishing email? The role of authentic design, influence and current events in email judgements.  Behaviour & Information Technology, 38(2), 184-197.  doi: 10.1080/0144929X.2018.1519599
  • Polage, D. C. & Williams, E. J. (2018, April).  Phishing expeditions: The role of authenticity, influence and current events in phishing email judgments.  Poster presented at Western Psychological Association.  Portland, OR.
  • Polage, D. C. (2017).  The effect of telling lies on belief in the truth.  Europe’s Journal of Psychology, 13(4), 633-644.  doi: 10.5964/ejop.v13i4.1422
  • Whitt, J.D., Cawley, B. D., Yonker, J. E., & Polage, D. C. (2014).  Value of virtue: An organizational approach to the challenges of workplace disabilities.  Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 7, 274–278.  doi: 10.1111/iops.12146
  • Polage, D. C. (2012).  Making up history:  False memories of fake news stories.  Europe’s Journal of Psychology, 8(2), 245–250.  doi:10.5964/ejop.v8i2.456
  • Polage, D. C. (2012). Fabrication inflation increases as source monitoring ability decreases. Acta Psychologica, 139(2), 335-342. doi:  10.1016/j.actpsy.2011.12.007

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