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Counseling Related Listserves

In recent years, a number of listserves have been developed to facilitate discussion among counseling professionals. Listserves are electronic mailing lists of people in which members post e-mail messages to which other members may respond. Listed below are some of the listserves which may be of interest to counselors in training. If you choose to join a listserve, you may find that you receive a large number of listserve-related e-mails each day. At any point in time, you may also choose to "unsubscribe" or terminate your participation in the listserve. Please review information about the listserve prior to making a decision to subscribe.


Listserve NamePurposeTo Subscribe
International Counseling NetworkCounselors, counselor educators, graduate students and others may collaborate by sharing ideas, resources, and discussions about mental health issues.Send an e-mail message to with the following information in the body of the message:
subscribe icn <your first name> <your last name> <your e-mail address>
COUNSGRADSDeveloped to help graduate students from across the country communicate with one another. Students can share information about classes, internships, projects, and thoughts about the counseling profession.Send an e-mail message to with the following information in the body of the message:
subscribe COUNSGRADS <your first name> <your last name>
PSYCH-COUNSMaillist for students and researchers in counseling psychology, counseling and psychotherapy and others who wish to discuss theoretical and research issues in counseling psychology.See subscription information online at
AERAThe American Educational Research Association (AERA) and its sections sponsor a number of listserves of interest to counseling professionals and graduate students.Click on one or more of the following divisions of the AERA to subscribe to its list:AERA-E (Counseling) AERA-H (School Evaluation and Program Development) orAERA-GSL (Graduate Student List).
American Counseling Association ListservElectronic forum for distribution of ACA news and discussion.Click on the following to subscribe to the ACA istserv.