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Mental Health Counseling: About

MHC Student Handbook 2018-2019Faculty

The Mental Health Counseling Program is a small program and quite selective in in the students admitted. We admit approximately eight students each year, but we strive to admit students who add to the diversity of our program and who may come from a variety of backgrounds and training. Our faculty have a wide range of specializations and research interests that include, but are not limited to, multicultural and diversity issues. For example, Jeff Penick focuses on gerontology issues, Meaghan Nolte publishes in the areas of substance abuse and mindfulness, Fred Washburn’s research concentrates on cognitive complexity, counselor development, and careers, and Maribeth Jorgensen focuses on researcher efficacy and researcher identity development.

A strength of our CACREP-accredited program is its balance between intense clinical experience and research opportunities, following the scientist-practitioner model. Students may choose to do an optional thesis, and may utilize grants and funding available to present their research at national conferences.

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