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Clinic Participation

Students who receive research credit for participating as clients in the Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center can receive credit in three ways. The clinic has three levels of practica. The first invovles meeting with a graduate level counselor or school psychologist for one meeting. During this meeting, the graduate counselor's primary goal is to help the client/participant disclose feelings about the events in his/her life. In the second level, the client/particpant undergoes an intake evaluation and treatment plan creation. During 2-4 sessions, the graduate counselor explores your background and helps you derive goals for the short and long term. In the final practicum level, client/participants meet with second-year graudate counselors for 4-10 weeks.

If you wish to become a participant in this process, please complete the Client Volunteer Form, and return it to PSY 118. Once this is complete, you will be assigned a graduate counselor and given access to the CWU Research Sytem.