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Clinic (CCPAC) Participation

Students who participate as clients in the Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center (CCPAC) can receive credit in three ways:

  1. Meet with a graduate level counselor or school psychologist for one meeting. During this meeting, the graduate counselor's primary goal is to help the client/participant disclose feelings about the events in his/her life.
  2. In the second level, the client/participant undergoes an intake evaluation and treatment plan creation. During 2-4 sessions, the graduate counselor explores your background and helps you derive goals for the short and long term.
  3. In the final practicum level, client/participants meet with second-year graduate counselors for 4-10 weeks.

If you wish to participate in this process, please complete the Client Volunteer Form, and return it to PSY 118. Once your form is completed and submitted, you will be assigned a graduate counselor who will contact you based upon your availability.

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