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Student Learning Goals and Assessments

CWU Psychology Course Learning Goals and Assessments


Undergraduate Courses

PSY 101, General Psychology
PSY 205, Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 235, Relationships and Personal Development
PSY 275, Community Development in Residence Halls
PSY 300, Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 301, Learning
PSY 303, Analysis of Everyday Behavior
PSY 313, Developmental Psychology
PSY 314, Human Development and the Learner
PSY 315, Educational Psychology
PSY 346, Social Psychology
PSY 350, Sleep and Dreaming
PSY 355, Environmental Psychology
PSY 362, Introductory Statistics
PSY 363, Intermediate Statistics
PSY 401, Psychology of Sport
PSY 438, Chemical Dependency and the Family
PSY 441, Self-Injurious Behavior
PSY 442, Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 444, Tests and Measurements
PSY 445, Clinical, Counseling and Community Psychology
PSY 447, Psychology of Adolescence
PSY 448, Sexual Behavior
PSY 449, Abnormal Psychology
PSY 450, Sensation and Perception
PSY 452, Adult Development and Aging
PSY 453, Theories of Personality
PSY 454, The Helping Interview
PSY 455, Behavioral Medicine and Health Psychology
PSY 456, Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 460, Cognitive Psychology
PSY 461, History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 465, Psychology and the Law
PSY 466, Forensic Psychology
PSY 467, Child Psychopathology
PSY 473, Psychology of Thought and Language
PSY 476, Drugs
PSY 478, Physiologcal Psychology
PSY 483, Psychology of Women
PSY 484, Violence and Aggression
PSY 487, Group Processes and Leadership
PSY 489, Senior Assessment

Graduate Courses

PSY 501, Professional Seminar in School Psychology
PSY 502, Professional Orientation: Mental Health Counseling
PSY 510, Group Process and Team Building
PSY 525, Psychology of Reading
PSY 540, Psychology Applied to Work
PSY 541, Cognitive Psychology
PSY 542, Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 544, Tests and Measurements
PSY 550, Research In Natural Environments
PSY 551, Behavior Analysis
PSY 552, Human Growth and Development, Advanced
PSY 553, Single-Subject Design
PSY 555, Design and Analysis for Applied Research
PSY 556, Advanced Evaluative Techniques
PSY 558, Advanced Statistics
PSY 559, Advanced Educational Psychology
PSY 560, Introduction to Counseling
PSY 561, Group Counseling
PSY 562, Advanced Principles of Learning
PSY 564, Intellectual Assessment
PSY 565, Advanced Animal Behavior
PSY 566, Personality Assessment
PSY 567, Counseling  and Assessment: Children and Adolescents
PSY 568, Counseling and Assessment Strategies for Adults
PSY 571, Counseling for Relationships and Families
PSY 573, Career Development and Counseling
PSY 574, Multicultural Counseling
PSY 576, Comparative Psychology
PSY 578, Applied Physiological Psychology
PSY 583, Consultation
PSY 584, Behavior Disorders and Psychopathology
PSY 588, Physiological Psychology
PSY 589, Professional and Ethical Issues
PSY 592 A & B, Practicum in School Psychology
PSY 593A, Practicum in Counseling I: Interviewing
PSY 593B, Practicum in Counseling II: Assessment
PSY 593C, Practicum in Counseling III: Advanced
PSY 593E, Practicum in Counseling V: Group
PSY 594A, B, & C, Supervised Field Experience in School Psychology
PSY 681, Mental Health Interns
PSY 683, School Psychology Internship
PSY 684, Internship in Applied Experimental Psychology