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Applied Behavior Analysis: Coursework

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The BACB-approved course sequence in our ABA program provides the coursework necessary for students to be eligible to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination® following graduation. The ABA course sequence provides students with a foundational knowledge of behavioral principles, assessment, and intervention according to the BACB Fourth Edition Task List. The full task list can be viewed on the BACB website

ABA graduate students complete an eight-course sequence, a supervised internship, and a thesis project for an overall total of at least 51 credit hours. The majority of coursework is completed during the first year in the master’s program, and during the second year, students complete internship and thesis.

Prerequisites (or approved equivalents):

• PSY 300 Research Methods
This prerequisite course may be taken concurrently with certain ABA program courses as part of the graduate program. Students seeking to substitute equivalent courses from other universities for this prerequisite should discuss this with the ABA Program Director after enrolling. The Program Director will determine whether earlier coursework may be substituted for these prerequisites.

Required ABA Courses:

• PSY 512 Basic Principles of Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
• PSY 551 Applied Behavior Analysis (4 credits)
• PSY 553  Single-subject Design (3 credits)
• PSY 554  Behavioral Assessment and observation (4 credits)
• PSY 557 Behavioral Interventions (3 credits)
• PSY 563  Behavioral Treatment of Autism (3 credits)
• PSY 587  Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis (4 credits)
• PSY 651  Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
• PSY 590  Internship in Applied Behavior Analysis (12 credits)
• PSY 595  Graduate Research (3 credits, minimum)
• PSY 700A  Master’s Thesis in Applied Behavior Analysis (6 credits)

The internship experience within the ABA program provides students with 12 credit hours of supervised fieldwork experience, which amounts to 480 actual clinical hours. These internship hours can be counted toward the 1500-hour fieldwork experience requirement required by the BACB to sit for the BCBA Examination. Most students are hired by local agencies during their internship and remain with these agencies following graduation in order to complete the fieldwork hours required for certification. Most students finish their fieldwork hours within 6-9 months following graduation from the ABA program, and receive promotions as BCBAs within their agencies.

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