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Applied Behavior Analysis: Coursework Requirements


ABA graduate students must complete the following courses for an overall total of 57-61 quarter hours that include formal practicum training of 12 credit hours. Content courses are taken on a semi-fixed annual schedule during the students’ first year.

Prerequisites: PSY 300, 301, 362, 363, or approved equivalents. These courses may be taken concurrently with certain program courses. (Note: Math 130 or higher is required for PSY 362).

Methods and Statistics Credits.  Choose one of the following three courses:

PSY 550 – Research in Natural Environments
PSY 555 - Design and Analysis for Applied Research
PSY 558 - Advanced Statistics

Theory and Research Credits.  Choose at least two of the following three courses:

PSY 541- Advanced Cognitive Psychology
PSY 576 - Comparative Psychology
PSY 578 - Applied Physiological Psychology

Other Required Courses:

EDSE 521- Functional Behavior Assessment
PSY 551- Behavior Analysis
PSY 553 - Single-subject Design
PSY 554 - Behavioral Interventions
PSY 562 - Advanced Principles of Learning
PSY 587 – Ethics in Experimental Psychology and ABA
PSY 590 - Internship in Applied Experimental Psychology
PSY 595 – Graduate Research
PSY 651 - Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis
PSY 700 – Master’s Thesis

The MS Experimental Psychology ABA specialization program is currently submitting its application for the coursework requirements to The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. We expect to receive approval for these courses within the year, as yet the program is not pre-approved by the BACB.