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Higher Education Center Building

Central Washington University provides greater access to higher education in Washington State through its University Centers in Des Moines, Everett, Kent, Lynnwood, Pierce County, Moses Lake, Wenatchee, and Yakima. These Centers deliver bachelor and master degree programs to students through co-located facilities on community college campuses. Classes are delivered online, face to face, and by interactive television (ITV) to accommodate the needs of time and place bound student. Each Center is unique in the programs and services it provides, so be sure to visit each Center's web site to determine which Center is for you.

The University Center’s mission is to provide access to quality academic programs that meet educational and work force needs to time and place bound students in the communities we serve.

Guiding Principles
There are 4 guiding principles under which the CWU University Centers are expected to operate:

  1. The University Centers are committed to providing access to higher education by extending opportunities to individuals in communities across the state.
  2. The University Centers will provide high quality academic programs and educational experience.
  3. The University Centers will encourage and promote thoughtful problem solving and creative innovations in our communities to ensure the environment reflects the diversity of its students, faculty, and staff.
  4. The University Centers will invest in collaborative partnerships within their communities to enhance intellectual, cultural, and economic opportunities.

Broad Goals
The University Center has established 6 broad goals for continuing to meet the needs of its students:

  1. Offer timely, dependable, and accessible programs.
  2. Establish a reliable financial model that supports delivery of programs and services.
  3. Ensure appropriate resources for instructional delivery.
  4. Establish statewide visibility and recognition.
  5. Maintain an organized leadership structure that ensures effective communication, implementation, and ongoing successful management of operations.
  6. Ensure access to dependable student support services.

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