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Centers Dual Admission

The purpose of the Dual Admission program is to provide a smooth and successful transition for the student from a participating community college to one of the University Centers of Central Washington University(CWU). Students who participate in the program are considered fully admitted to the community college and conditionally admitted to CWU. They will benefit from access to resources at both institutions during their academic career and be better prepared to transition into their baccalaureate program. The CWU $50 admision application fee will be waived.


  • You must be currently enrolled at a participating Washington State community college in a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree or applied/technical degree program. You must complete the appropriate transfer degree at the participating community college within two years of acceptance into the Dual Admission Program.
  • You cannot have earned more than 60 quarter (45 semester) college-level credit hours from all colleges/universities attended.
  • You must meet CWU's admision requirements for transfer applicants found at
  • This application conditionally admits you to CWU, not to a specific program. Contact the CWU Center office for program requirements.
  • Running Start students are not eligible.
  • Students with previously earned associate, technical, or bachelor degrees are not eligible.

Application Process

  1. Visite your community college academic advisor to discuss eligibility for dual admission. Review the CWU Transfer Academic Program Plan or course of study with the advisor.
  2. Complete this dual admission application, have your community college advisor sign it, then return it to the University Center office along with an official or unofficial transcripts. Be sure to include transcripts from ALL institutions you have attended. Your online admissions application will not be processed until the Dual Admission Application and all unofficial transcripts have been received by the Office of Admissions at the Ellensburg campus. You have 90 days to complete the application proces.
  3. Visit to apply to CWU for the intended quarter you wish to begin, but no more than two academic years, or six quarters, in advance. In order to receive an application fee waiver, you must submit the Dual Admission Application and ALL transcripts to the CWU University Center you wish to attend. Once the waiver is approved, you will receive an email instructing you to submit your CWU admission application. Do not apply to CWU until you have received notification that your Dual Admission Application has been processed.
  4. Once your DTA or applied/technical degree is posted, have an official copy of your transcript sent to Admissions.
  5. Foreign language requirement: students seeking the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree must complete one year of the same college/university foreign language or have completed two years of the same high school foreign language. If you took a foreign language in high school and are pursuing a BA degree, please provide high school transcripts.


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