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TheCIS (Data Warehouse)

Project Summary:

The purpose of this project was to provide “The Only Version of the Truth” for the purposes of external reporting and internal continuous improvement.   The vision is to make Organizational Effectiveness the “go to” place for fast, accurate, and reliable university information.   The solution is based on Microsoft Business Intelligence and interfaces with our current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (PeopleSoft v9.2) and will interface with other systems in the future. It includes data about students, employees and finance.  The data warehouse will continue to evolve.

This project started on 1/27/2014 and went live on 6/27/2014.

Project Sponsor:  James DePaepe, Executive Director of Organizational Effectiveness

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Sue Noce, Project Manager, at

If you have any questions about the data warehouse, contact Organizational Effectiveness.

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