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Chemical Inventory Management System

Project Summary

CWU purchased, designed, and developed a chemical inventory/tracking system (FileMaker) for laboratory chemicals in the Academic Science departments to assure efficient and safe chemical management and regulatory compliance.  It provides an adaptable, economical and efficient long-term solution for each of the chemical inventory users.


The Project Goals – 

FileMaker replaced a relatively complicated, cumbersome and increasingly expensive proprietary chemical inventory system that was used for the last several years to manage and track laboratory chemicals.  It provides flexibility and adaptability to meet the various needs of the users,  and provide data required for regulatory purposes.

The primary users of the chemical inventory system (Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Health and Safety).

FileMaker is a commonly-used data management program currently utilized by some departments within the University (Chemistry, Music).   Utilizing a barcode system, new chemicals are entered into the database, including specific information about each chemical (name of chemical, owner, location, date purchased, etc.).  Some chemicals have special characteristics (unstable, etc.) which are also included and tracked.  The information enables the users to know if they have the chemical, where it is located, who is responsible for it, how old it is, etc.  Each chemical will also be linked to the manufacturer’s safety data sheet.  The FileMaker database provides information needed by various regulatory agencies (Department of Ecology, Department of Labor and Industries, Department of Health, Fire Department, etc.). 

Project Sponsors:

Ron Munson, Manager & James Hudson, Industrial Hygienist for Environment Health & Safety

If you have any questions regarding this project, contact Project Manager Keith Jones (

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