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About the iCAT Program


iCAT Program
improving CWU Applications & Technology

The iCAT program was a set of 12  projects that completed over the time period of October 2012 through June 2015. These projects eliminated some of our paper based forms like timesheets and purchase requisitions. We addressed faculty needs for better reporting and scheduling systems. Most exciting of all, we created a new portal for everyone called MyCWU. A single window to campus systems.

iCAT Projects:

cApps Project 

Chart of Accounts/Planning and Budgeting

Faculty Workload and Activity Project 

MyCWU Project 

Online Purchase Requisitions Projects

Online Travel and Authorization Workflow Project 

Security Project

Split/Upgrade Project (iCAT Program)

TheCIS (Data Warehouse)

Time and Attendance Project (iCAT Program)

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