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Bachelor of Science
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Brian McGladrey
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A sport management degree prepares students for careers in a variety of sports-related fields including coaching, business, education, and recreation.


The sports industry generates more than $213 billion in annual revenues. According to the Society of Health and Physical Educators, the sports industry will continue to rank among the largest and most diverse industries in the nation, thereby, sustaining career opportunities for the future. CWU offers a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management with specializations in coaching, business, and physical activity and recreation programming. 

Why this program 

The wide range of organizational settings where sports occur means that individuals can select and pursue careers in the kind of work environment of their choice and for which they are best suited. Besides traditional sports, the sports industry now involves new alternative, action, and extreme sports (skateboarding, boogie boarding, ice climbing, snow kayaking, etc) and new professional sports, especially for women.

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