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Bachelor of Arts
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Amy Jenkins
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Japan is one of America’s most important trading partners and has had close economic and societal ties to the U.S. in the past half-century. Students interested in the Pacific Rim would benefit from understanding the language, culture and history of the home of Sony, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, and Toyota.


As the world becomes increasingly global, students proficient in Japanese will be well-positioned for positions in government, finance, tourism, translation, teaching, and international relations. CWU offers a BA and a minor in Japanese, as well as a BA in Japanese teaching.

Why this program 

Japan boasts one of the oldest and most culturally rich societies in the world. Studying Japanese at CWU offers opportunities to study abroad and learn more about the history, people, and culture of this fascinating country.

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Amy Jenkins
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foreign language, languages, Japanese, world language, japanese teaching

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