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Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts
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Stacey Ferris
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You might say you take your life in your hands when you study biology. That’s because it is literally the study of life—all life—from one-celled organisms to multi-species habitats. And when you study the biosphere at CWU, you will receive hands-on learning from award winning professors.


Studying biology is a chance to explore all the aspects of life ranging from insects to mammals. Having an understanding of biology can lead to a rewarding career in a number of fields including agronomy, biochemistry, conservation, forestry, marine biology, or zoology. CWU offers a BA and a BS in biology with specializations in biomedical science, ecology and evolutionary biology, and molecular and cell biology.

Why this program 

At CWU, students gain an understanding of biological concepts relevant to the individual and to society and gain an appreciation of scientific inquiry. Studying biology helps us decipher many social and economic issues and is at the forefront of environmental issues.

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Stacey Ferris
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biology, biomedical, ecology, molecular, cell biology

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