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Asian Studies
College of Arts and Humanities
Asian Studies
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Bachelor of Arts
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Jeffrey Dippmann

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In recent years, American policy makers have spoken of a “pivot to Asia,” meaning an increased emphasis in American foreign and economic policy on the Asia-Pacific region. As a result, there’s never been a better time for students to develop cultural competency and understanding of the region.


The Asia Pacific region is a hot topic these days with plenty of opportunities for students wanting to understand this fascinating and sometimes misunderstood part of the world, whether their chosen fields are in business, government, international or non-governmental organizations, or academia.

Why this program?

Students in CWU’s Asia Pacific Studies interdisciplinary program gain a broad understanding of the complexities of the Asia-Pacific region. They learn about the geography and history of Asia and the Asia Pacific islands as well as an overview of Asia Pacific life and culture.


Why CWU Asian studies?

Asians account for 57% of the world’s citizens and are the fastest growing immigrant population in America. What’s more, Asia also has two of the world’s largest economies and both have close—and complex—relationships to the U.S.

Students also have excellent opportunities for networking through a number of student clubs and international organizations.

Study abroad and university exchange opportunities are strongly encouraged. There’s no better way to immerse yourself into the language and culture. Asian Studies students have participated in a variety of study abroad programs.

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary curriculum that helps broaden understanding of the region. Students choose to specialize in Japanese, Chinese, or Asian Studies.

Asian Studies Career Opportunities

Does working in the emerging Asia-oriented economy interest you? There are many rewarding career paths for Asian Studies majors, such as banker, development officer, diplomat, international relations and trade, interpreter, marketer, teacher, and policy maker. Graduates of CWU Asian Studies will be equipped with transferable world-class skills in critical analysis, research, and communication valued by employers across all fields.

Career Opportunities

Asian studies at CWU prepares students for the demanding working environment of Asian/Pacific countries. Where do Asian Studies graduates work?




Information Technology

International Airlines

International Businesses



Experience Asian Studies at CWU

Points of Pride

Three Asian Studies students recently presented research papers at the Asian Studies Development Program annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

Four Asian Studies students conducted National Science Foundation research in China.

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