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Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts
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Lene Pedersen

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Human behavior is always fascinating. Fortunately, students of anthropology have the pleasure of finding out what it means to be human and why we act the way we do in different circumstances.


What other major offers a chance to participate in an archaeological survey or a mock forensic burial site, or do some serious people-watching for a grade? Majoring in anthropology at CWU is your ticket to studying the human condition and finding out why we are the way we are.

Why this program?

Central offers a BS and a BA in anthropology. You can also earn a minor in anthropology over the course of two summers via CWU’s online minor program.


Why CWU Anthropology?

Students in the anthropology program can become involved with a CWU Field School that conducts archaeological fieldwork in central Washington.

Students enrolled in the CWU Forensic Anthropology Field School experience the appropriate recovery and handling of human remains by excavating a mock crime scene.

Archaeological students get an up-close look at the importance of public involvement in the protection of local archaeological resources.

CWU anthropology offers course work in cultural anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology and linguistics.

Hands-on Learning

We know hands-on experience makes learning exciting. That's why at Central you'll get a chance to do what you're learning and enjoy real-world opportunities in the field.

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Points of Pride

Graduates of Central's anthropology program find jobs as museum curators, corporate anthropologists, forensic anthropologists, archaeologists and non-profit and consumer researchers.

Dean Hall, home to CWU Anthropology, is a LEED certified building filled with student study areas, high-tech laboratories, computer labs, classrooms, and a museum facility.

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