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Rethinking Dominance Rank in Non-Human Primates

In a new study out this week in Scientific Reports, CWU alum Jake Funkhouser (Primate Behavior & Ecology B.S. and Primate Behavior M.S.) talks about the challenges of capturing a clear picture of dominance in primates. Using data collected from Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and field data from Tibetan macaques living in Mt. Huangshan, China, Funkhouser and co-authors Mayhew, Sheeran, Mulcahy, and Li highlight the challenges primatologists face when trying to capture the structure of a complex and dynamic social system.

"These results do not just speak to the structures of dominance and their social correlates in these two primate groups but also contribute to broader considerations of how to define, measure, test, and validate dominance as a construct."

For more, visit Scientific Reports.

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