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College of the Sciences

Primate Behavior Faculty and Staff


Dr. Matthew Altman, Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies


Interests & Expertise: Kant, Applied Ethics, Nineteenth-Century Philosophy, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Art


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Dr. J. Hope Amason, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Museum Studies

Director of the Museum of Culture and Environment


Interests & Expertise: Political economy and globalization, politics of representation, race, class, and gender, museums, memorials, and heritage sites, tourism studies, Appalachia, US South.

Dr. Clay Arango, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences/Environmental Studies


Interests & Expertise: Stream ecosystem ecology, nitrogen cycling, human-ecosystem interactions

Dr. Kathleen Barlow, Professor, Anthropology & Museum Studies


Interests & Expertise: Learning and culture, childhood, psychological anthropology, museum anthropology, symbolism, gender, art and aesthetics, material culture, regional ethnography, Melanesia, Oceania, United States


Dr. Daniel D. Beck, Professor, Biological Sciences


Interests & Expertise: Ecology, behavior, and physiology of reptiles in the Pacific NW, southwestern USA, and western Mexico

Dr. Sofia Blue, Lecturer, Anthropology and Museum Studies


Interests & Expertise: Signal systems in non-human animals, particularly vocal communication in non-human primates, bioacoustics and cognitive ethology, focus on the Macaca genus


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Dr. April Binder, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences


Interests & Expertise: Reproductive biology focused on hormonal control of ovarian function and development

Dr. Kara Gabriel, Professor, Psychology


Interests & Expertise: psychology, evolutionary psychology, and impacts on people in interactions with primates in both wild and captive settings


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Dr. Ralf Greenwald, Associate Professor, Psychology


Interests & Expertise: Cognitive brain dynamics, event-related potentials, teaching pedagogy, general cognitive psychology, working memory, music cognition, psychology of video gaming.

Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology and Museum Studies


Interests & Expertise: Chimpanzee sign language studies, ape behavior, communication, culture, chimpanzee care & enrichment, non-verbal behavior

Dr. Jessica Mayhew, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Museum Studies

Director of Primate Behavior and Ecology Program


Interests & Expertise: Biological anthropology; primate social behavior; play behavior; primate socio-cognition; ethnoprimatology; large-bodied apes; Macaca spp.


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J.B. Mulcahy, M.S., Lecturer, Anthropology and Museum Studies


Interests & Expertise: Captive primate welfare, environmental enrichment, chimpanzee behavior (see Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest)

Dr. Mary Radeke, Assistant Professor, Psychology


Interests & Expertise: Use of facial cues in emotion and personality assessment, conversation development in young children, personality traits, technology in the classroom, primate communication, eye tracking and Facial Action Unit Coding laboratory

Dr. Rodrigo Rentería-Valencia, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Museum Studies


Interests & Expertise: Environmental Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Semiotics, Visual Anthropology, Ritual and Performance Theory, Human Geography, Maritime Anthropology, Indigenous Studies. Ethnographic Specialization: the Greater Southwest (including northern Mexico)


Meet Dr. Rentería-Valencia

Dr. Lori Sheeran, Professor, Anthropology and Museum Studies


Interests & Expertise: Biological anthropology, Macaques and their interactions with people,  primate conservation, primate social behavior, Asian primates (particularly species in China and Bhutan)

Dr. Lixing Sun, Professor, Biological Sciences 


Interests & Expertise: Ecology and evolution of animal behavior (especially communication systems), primatology


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Staff and Administrators

Dr. Jessica A. Mayhew, Program Director, Primate Behavior and Ecology, Dean Hall 341,
(509) 963-3220,

Ms. Penelope Anderson, Secretary Senior, Anthropology, Dean Hall 357,
(509) 963-3201,

Dr. James Johnson, Chair, Biological Sciences, Science Building 338A,
(509) 963-3011,

Dr. Lene Pedersen, Chair, Anthropology & Museum Studies, Dean Hall 356,
(509) 963-3211,

Dr. Stephanie Stein, Chair, Psychology, Psychology Building 421,
(509) 963-2381,

Dr. Tim Englund, Dean, College of the Sciences, Dean Hall 130,
(509) 963-3678,

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