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Howling by the River: New publication out!

Elizabeth Coggeshall (MS, '20) has a new publication out in Behaviour based on fieldwork she performed at La Suerte in Costa Rica. In this 2nd paper of their series, Coggeshall and co-authors Bolt, Russell, Jacobson, Merrigan-Johnson, and Schreier examine how forest edge habitat influences the vocalizations of howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata). They found that howling was longer in forest zones that are richer in vegetation compared to those forest edges that have been anthropogenically effected. This gives future researchers one more thing to consider in their work: edge effects.

Check out the new pub on Behaviour's website: Howling by the river: howler monkey (Alouatta palliata) communication in an anthropogenically-altered riparian forest in Costa Rica

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