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College of the Sciences


The Primate Behavior & Ecology Research Library, located in Dean Hall 204, houses journals, books, and multimedia materials related to primatology. It also provides a space for graduate and undergraduate students to work and socialize. The PBE Library has four computer workstations, a TV, and a DVD player. PBE students conducting research have access to the program's equipment, which includes observational software (The Observer), video cameras, digital cameras, binoculars, stopwatches, and a clinometer. Additionally, the Library houses non-human primate casts and non-invasively obtained nonhuman primate skeletal materials. Please contact Dr. Lori Sheeran ( for more information about how to access the library and the equipment housed there.

The Human Osteology Laboratory, located in Dean Hall 232B, houses an extensive cast collection of skeletal materials from fossil hominins, modern humans, and fossil and extant nonhuman primates. Please contact Dr. Lori Sheeran ( for more information about how to access the Osteology Laboratory.

The Molecular Anthropology Laboratory (MAL) in Dean Hall 232A is equipped for DNA extraction from a variety of primate biomaterials (blood, feces, tissue, and bone analyses), including PCR amplification and DNA sequencing and genotyping. Please contact Dr. Lori Sheeran ( for more information about how to access MAL.

The Museum of Culture and Environment (MCE), located on CWU's Ellensburg campus, provides a venue for learning more about exhibit design and environmental education. Please contact Dr. Hope Amason ( for more information on MCE.


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