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President's Scheduling Request

To initiate scheduling an event for President Gaudino, please complete all relevant fields and click on "Submit" to email this form to Kim Dawson, in the president's office. An asterisk (*) denotes fields where a response is required.

Person submitting this request:
name, phone, email address, & cell number for day of event
Overall schedule: Time president is needed and the arrival and departure
Time guest are expected to arrive to the event
if off campus, please give address and, if necessary, driving directions
Please be specific
Include a budget, not just a ball park figure. If the President's Office is being asked to help with costs, include a detailed budget.
Who, by category (Civic, State Government, Donors, Faculty, staff, students)? Notable guests? Are there contacts that need to be made before and after the event?

Please review the information on your form. 
To email the form to the president's office and view a copy of your request, click on "Submit" below.