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Suggested Course-of-Study

Projected 2019-2020 Schedule. More specific information will be provided as we get closer to each quarter. Please realize that changes to this list may occur due to enrollment pressures, personnel changes, or program needs.


The Political Science Major is set up to allow for flexibility and a large degree of student discretion (with the advice of faculty, of course).  Most courses do not have prerequisites and can be taken in any order, though we generally recommend the lower-division core course before an upper division within the same sub-field, and 480’s-designated courses are generally to be taken in Senior year. See the information elsewhere on the structure and nature of the major.  However, in generic terms, we can recommend the following:

FIRST YEAR: Any 2 of: 101, 210, 270
SECOND YEAR: Any remaining of above, plus 260; 1 elective (if large plan)
THIRD YEAR: 2-3 elective courses (generally 300-level, though 230 is allowed)
FOURTH YEAR: Any remaining electives (more if large plan); THEORY (one of 481-5); 489

Note: underlined courses are included in the three-part Social Science General Education breadth requirement, and only one can be used for general education credit, yet the student must take all of them for the major.  Therefore, the wise student will use the political science course in the one breadth area that the student least likes, and take additional courses from other departments in similar breadth areas that s/he likes more. Senior Assessment can only be taken in the senior year, after the core requirements. 

View the Student Handbook, which might better assist you with any additional questions you may have.

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