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Political Science

College of the Sciences

Rex S. Wirth


Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1977
B.A., Weber State College

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Contact Information:

Office:   PSYCH 482
Phone:   509-963-2353

Courses Typically Taught at CWU:

  • Introduction to Politics
  • Public Policy
  • Public Administration
  • European Politics

Research Interests:

  • Indigenous peoples and acculturation
  • Intergovernmental Relations

Selected Publications:


  •  A Preface to Politics
  •  What is Wrong with Academia Today?

Journal Articles:

  • "Competing Views:  Indian Nations and Sovereignty in the Intergovernmental system of the United States" (co-authored with Stefanie D. Wickstrom), American Indian Quarterly 26.4 (2002) 509-525
  • “Purposeful Research: American Association of State Colleges and Universities Public Policy Research Partners Program” (Co-Authored) National Social Science Journal, Vol. 1, No.2 (1998).
  • “The Politics and Economics of Higher Education Funding in Washington State and Beyond.” (Co-Edited), National Social Science Perspectives Journal, Vol. 11, No. 1 (1997).
  • "Images of Belgian Politics:  The Effects of Cleavages on the Political System," (Co‑Authored),Legislative Studies Quarterly, February, 1978.


Book Chapters:

  • "Bureaucracy as Democracy: Instruction as Higher Education" in What Is  Wrong with Academia Today? Essays on the Politicization of American Education, (Co-edited with Thomas Whiddon and TonyManson), The Edwin Mellen Press,Lewiston, NY, 2008
  • "Indigenous Rights, Water, and Development:  The Skokomish and the Yakamas” (Co-authored with Stefanie D. Wickstrom and Emily Washines.) in Derechos Humanos y Pueblos Indígenas:  Tendencias Internacionales y el Contexto Chileno, ed. José Aylwin O., Temuco, Chile:  Instituto de Estudios Indígenas and Universidad de la Frontera, 2004, 260-275.
  • "Tennessee in the Middle" in Olshefski and Simpson.  The Volunteer State:  Readings in Tennessee Politics.  The Tennessee Political science Association, 1985.

Conference Papers and Presentations:

National Technology and Social Science Conference, 2000-2011

  • Mestizaje: A Revolutionary Encounter
  • Mestizaje: Migrations and the Construction of Racial Identity
  • European Democracy Today
  • Dam Removal and River/Estuary Restoration
  • Our Rivers and Harbors; Dam Removal and Restoration
  • Indiginizing Education in the Americas: A Report on the proceedings of MOV.20 Symposium at the 52nd International Congress of Americanists
  • The Diplomacy Game: A Blackboard Exercise for Teaching International Politics
  • Competing Views: Indian Nations and Sovereignty in the Intergovernmental System of the United States
  • Writing for the New Millennium


International Congress of Americanists, 2000-2010

  • Native Americans and Water: A Comparative Examination of Laws, Policies and Practices in the United States, Panama and Chile, (51st ICA)
  • Damming the Water: The Effectiveness of Indigenous Responses to Hydroelectric and Agricultural Development in Washington State (52nd ICA)
  • Migrations and Construction of Racial Identity (53rd ICA)



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