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Political Science

Political Science Grad Goals Spring 2015


"I plan to work as an in-house brewer for the summer then get my Masters in Teaching starting in the winter semester at the University of Alaska in Anchorage" - Patrick Fitzgerald

"I would like to do public service of some kind: police, military or foreign service" - Ethan Zaichkin

"I am looking into the Teacher Certification Program" - Levi Cohen

Ethan Cassady is considering going into law school. 

"I am interested in grad school for an MBA/MA in International Environmental Policy" - Thomas Gilmore

"Going to work as a legal assistant until I get into law school" - Casie McCoskey

Lauren Gilmore is considering grad school. 

Matthew Baldwin is thinking of applying to grad school in 1 -2 years for International Relations.

"Probably get a job on the west side for a bit, then possibly grad school a bit later, maybe Seattle University" - Matt Prpich

"Summer job at parks. Will eventually go into law enforcement" - Derrick Shamp

"Work for a year. Apply to the grad program this upcoming fall and will hopefully get in next fall" - Johnny Nguyen