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Political Science

Anne Pflug: Spotlight

  • What’s your favorite quote?  “Think globally, act locally”
  •  What drew you to the field?  The people who went out of their way to welcome me to the city management profession when I was in my 20’s. They were truly dedicated to making a positive impact on other’s lives.
  • How did you end up in Ellensburg?  I moved to Ellensburg to raise my grandson close to other members of my family.
  • Research underway? An article on local governing board policy decision dynamics. A national research study evaluating the effectiveness of two types of sex offender treatment methods on reducing re-offense.
  • Philosophy of teaching?  Teaching is at its best when a student can actively apply what they have learned.
  • Greatest Accomplishment and Awards? American Jewish Committee cultural understanding award, Washington City Manager’s Association Intergovernmental Negotiations excellence award. Recognition for leadership and service to the communities of Springfield Oregon, Bellevue, Bothell, Shoreline, Kirkland, Pasco and Poulsbo Washington.
  • Professional organizations? Washington City/County Management Association and International City/County Management Association
  • Special interests? Learning techniques for autistic kids; gardening; jewelry making and quilting.
  • Favorite vacation spot? Europe.
  • Hidden talents?  Earlier in my life I was an improvisational modern dancer.  I still like improvisational vocals, theater and jazz.
  • Did you have a profession before becoming a professor? Local government executive.

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