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University Police & Public Safety

Winter Driving

Protect yourself and your passengers! Allow extra time to get to your destination during inclement weather.  It takes only one unprepared or careless driver to slow or stop traffic.

Practice the following:

• Drive for conditions- slower speeds, slower acceleration
• Check to ensure you are using traction tires in the winter
• Know the tire advisories for passes
• Practice installing chains or approved alternatives on your vehicle before the winter
• Just because you have a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle DOES NOT stop or steer better on ice!
• Leave extra room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.  The larger the vehicle the more stopping distance is required
• Slow down approaching intersections, off ramps, bridges, shaded spots
• If you are behind a snowplow, slow down and give it room
• Be extra cautious around chain-up and removal areas.

Build your winter kit

• Full tank of gas
• Ensure that windshield fluid is topped off
• First aid kit
• Cell phone charger
• Flashlight
• Water/Snack
• Ice Scraper/brush
• Warm clothes
• Music
• Jumper cables
• Flares
• Tire Chains or approved alternative
• Monitor local WSDOT information and know before you go

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