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Police Services

Community Involvement

The CWU Police department is dedicated to serving not only our university, but also our community in many capacities. We often share resources with other agencies in our community. In addition we participate and are active in a variety of outreach programs, events, activities, committees, boards and organizations as we strive to improve not only our campus but our community as a whole.



Throughout the school year the CWU Police Department teamed up with University Housing and New Student Programs and put together a number of sport events where the students were able to compete on a team against the police. These events have included Football Tournaments, Softball Tournaments & Volleyball Tournaments. These events have been a great success and allowed the students to get acquainted with the CWU Police Department on a more casual level.  We hope these tournaments will continue on through the years. For additional information on the Wildcat Games, contact us at 509-963-2959.