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Seminar Information

As part of the PHYS 499 Seminar class, the Physics Department brings in experts from both on and off-campus to talk about interesting research topics, as well as graduate school and career opportunities in physics. PHYS499 is offered during the Spring Quarter every year.

Current and recent seminars are listed below. Speakers who are CWU alumni are indicated with an asterisk.

Spring 2011


April 4

Dr. Bonnie Buratti

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Seasons in the Outer Solar System

April 11

Dominic Klyve

CWU Mathematics

Clairaut, Euler, and Newton: the gravity crisis of the 1740's

April 18John WestKent State UniversityLiquid Crystals 101: Science and Applications
April 25*Kevin Bremer and Steve BatesBoeingPhysics and Engineering at Boeing
May 2*Drake MitchellPortland State UniversityYou are what you eat: The physics of how diet influences biological function
May 9Piacsek, BraunsteinCWU PhysicsOverview of physics research at CWU
May 16Kirk ReinkensWashington State UniversityOverview of Engineering Programs at WSU
May 23Sharon Rosell (Master of Ceremonies)CWU SPS faculty advisorSigma Pi Sigma inductions

Spring 2010

April 5Kirk ReinkensWashington State UniversityWSU Engineering Programs: Dual Degrees with CWU, Senior Design Projects, and Research
April 19Lawrence Sweeney and Alex CardenasNorthwest Medical Physics CenterMedical Physics as a Career
April 26Leonard SlackBoeingPhysics and Engineering in an Aerospace Career
May 3Phil DeutchmanUniversity of IdahoHawking Radiation: Are Black Holes Really Black?
May 10* Anthony SmithWSU Physics Ph.D. candidateOptical simulation of bistatic reflection by a cone on a flat surface

Spring 2009

April 29* Dr. Bryan MinorPresident/CEO ScienceOpsComputational Physics in the Private Sector
May 6* Takato HandaEngineer, Panasonic Corp.From a physics degree to the private sector
May 13Phil DeutchmanUniversity of IdahoSpecial Relativity: Einstein vs. Newton
May 27Dr. Robert NewsomPacific Northwest National LabAtmospheric Physics at PNNL