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College of the Sciences

PHYS 101 Introductory Astronomy

Instructor: Dr. Andy Piacsek

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Course Description

PHYS 101 "Introductory Astronomy" satisfies the General Education requirements for the Natural Sciences - Patterns and Connections in the Natural World. This course covers the identification and description of stars and other celestial objects, the life-cycle of stars, and our own sun-earth-moon system. Special emphasis is placed on the observational techniques used by astronomers in order to appreciate how we (observers stuck on earth) can learn about celestial objects that are so far away (or even know that they are, indeed, very far away). Significant attention is paid to the scientific process, in general, and the historical development of astronomy.

Required Text

The following text is stocked by the University Bookstore and Jerrol's

Cover of textbookStars and Galaxies (7 ed)
Michael Seeds and Dana Backman
ISBN: 9780538733175



Animations and Applets

Online Resources

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