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Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson


Research Associate

Department of Physics

Link to a full cv (pdf format)


Educational Background

B.S., Physics and Mathematics, State University of New York, 1992
Ph.D., Physics, New Mexico State University, 1998


Physics classes I have taught

  • PHYS 111 Introductory Physics
  • PHYS 112 Introductory Physics II
  • PHYS 181 General Physics with Laboratory
  • PHYS 182 General Physics II with Laboratory
  • PHYS 183 General Physics III with Laboratory
  • PHYS 320 Electrical Circuits I
  • PHYS 321 Electrical Circuits I Laboratory
  • PHYS 331 Laboratory Practices and Techniques
  • PHYS 334 Modern Physics Laboratory
  • PHYS 342 Thermodynamics
  • PHYS 363 Optics with Laboratory
  • PHYS 463 Fundamentals of Lasers
  • PHYS 474 Quantum Mechanics I
  • PHYS 495 Undergraduate Research
  • STEP 101 Science Seminar I: Research Experience
  • STEP 102 Science Seminar II: Interdisciplinary Research Theme

Research Interests

My primary area of interest and expertise is experimental optics. In particular my research includes the investigation of molecules as sources of far-infrared laser radiation, the measurement of far-infrared laser frequencies, and the use of these lasers for the investigation of stable and unstable molecules. These studies include laser Stark and laser magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Selected Publications

39 refereed journal articles in all. Asterisks indicate research conducted with undergraduates; graduate students are underlined.

S. Ifland*, M. McKnight*, P. Penoyar*, and M. Jackson, "New far-infrared laser emissions from optically pumped 13CHD2OH," IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 50, 23-24 (2014). 

M. Jackson, A. J. Nichols*, D. R. Womack*, and L. R. Zink, "The first laser action observed from optically pumped CH317OH," IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 48, 303-306 (2012).  This manuscript reports the discovery of the first FIR laser emissions from optically pumped CH317OH.

M. Jackson, T. Petersen*, and L. R. Zink, "Frequencies and Wavelengths From a New Far-Infrared Lasing Gas: 13CHD2OH," IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 45, 830-832 (2009).  This manuscript reports the discovery of the first FIR laser emissions from optically pumped 13CHD2OH. 

A. Robinson, J. M. Brown, J. Flores-Mijangos, L. R. Zink and M. Jackson, "A spectroscopic study of the 14NH radical in vibrationally excited levels of the X 3Σ - state by far-infrared laser magnetic resonance," Molecular Physics, 105, 639-662 (2007).

M. Jackson, P. Noffke* and L. R. Zink, "Frequency Measurement of FIR Laser Emissions From Optically Pumped CH3OD," Applied Physics B, 78, 273-274 (2004).

K. M. Evenson, Q. Sanford*, C. Smith*, D. Sutton*, J. Sullivan*, E. Vershure* and M. Jackson, "New Short-Wavelength Laser Emissions From Partially Deuterated Methanol Isotopes," Applied Physics B, 74, 613-614 (2002). This manuscript reports the discovery of the shortest known FIR laser emission from optically pumped CHD2OH.

M. Jackson, G. R. Sudhakaran, and E. Gansen*, "Far-Infrared Laser Stark Spectroscopy of PH3," Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 181, 446-451 (1997).

M. Jackson, G. R. Sudhakaran, A. Silveira Jr., R. M. Lees, and I. Mukhopadhyay, "FIR Laser Stark Spectroscopy of CH318OH," Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 164, 275-286 (1994).