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Course Schedules

Physics Sample Schedules

A sample 4-year schedule for students interested in the Bachelor of Science physics degree is available here. There are two versions of the schedule, depending on whether you plan on entering CWU during the fall quarter of either an even year or an odd year. 

Are you interested in a Bachelor of Arts degree instead? When you arrive at Central, contact the Department Chair with information on the programs/areas you are interested in pursuing and an appropriate multi-year sample schedule can be developed.

Are you interested in the dual-degree physics/engineering program? The advantage to our program is flexibility. For most engineering degrees, the first two years of our program are identical to the first two years of the Bachelor of Science physics degree. Only in the remaining years do the courses become specific to the engineering discipline. For information on the engineering programs you are interested in pursuing, and to develop an appropriate multi-year sample schedule, please contact Deanna Marshall the physics/engineering dual-degree advisor. Schedules will differ slightly depending on the engineering institution you wish to partner with.

Are you a transfer student? Send the Department Chair an unofficial transcript and he can work with you to develop an appropriate multi-year sample schedule.


Physics courses scheduled for 2015 through 2019

You can download a tentative list of Physics courses that will be offered between Fall 2015 and Spring 2019. This list is intended to help students plan their physics load for the upcoming year. If you have any questions about the availability of certain courses, please contact the Department Chair. CWU students can access the most up-to-date class schedules on MyCWU. University-wide course schedules and calendars are available here.


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