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College of the Sciences

Bruce Palmquist

Bruce Palmquist



Department of Physics
Science II 218B

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2009 Professional Education Advisory Board (PEAB) Crystal Apple award for outstanding teacher educator.

2005 Washington Professor of the Year

Awarded by the Carnegie Foundation and Council for Advancement and Support of Education

2004 Central Washington University Distinguished Professor - Public Service

Educational Background

Augsburg College, B.A., 1984
University of Minnesota, History of Science, M.A., 1990
University of Minnesota, Physics, M.S., 1992
University of Minnesota, Science Education, Ph.D., 1993


Courses I have taught:

  • Introductory Astronomy (PHYS 101/102)
  • Physics Inquiry (PHYS 106)
  • Introductory Physics (PHYS 111/112/113)
  • General Physics (PHYS 181/182/183)
  • Exploring Physics Teaching I/II (PHYS 292/392)
  • Modern Physics (PHYS 317/318)
  • Senior Assessment (PHYS 489)
  • Issues in Science and Religion (DHC 380)
  • Science Education in the Elementary Schools (SCED 322)
  • Science Education in Middle and Secondary Schools (SCED 324)
  • Science, Society, and the Teaching Community (SCED 354)
  • Advanced Teaching Strategies in Elementary Science (SCED 422)
  • Teaching Middle and Secondary Science Seminar (SCED 487)

Research Interests

I am currently working on a three year Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC). We acquired funding to start a learning assistant program, to develop a dual degree physics/math teaching program, and to promote and improve other physics teacher preparation pathways at CWU.

I also mentor students on small scale science education curriculum or action research projects.

Selected Publications

Palmquist, Bruce and Jackson, Michael (In Press). Strengthening a physics teacher preparation program using key findings from the SPIN-UP report. In Effective Practices in Preservice Physics Teacher Education. College Park, MD: American Physical Society.

Palmquist, Bruce (2013). Inquiry in Astronomy Textbooks. The Classroom Astronomer. 5(1), 38-39.

Palmquist, Bruce (2011). Star Motions With Sky Simulators. The Classroom Astronomer. 3(1), 20-23.

Hunt, Vanessa, Sorey, Timothy, Balandova, Evguenia, and Palmquist, Bruce (2010). "Juan’s Dilemma: A New Twist on the Old Lemon Battery." The Science Teacher, 77(7), 52-56.

Palmquist, Bruce (2008). "Promoting a Contemporary View of the Nature of Science in Your Classroom." Washington Science Teachers Journal, 49(2), 13-16.

Palmquist, Bruce (2002). "Interactive spectra demonstration." The Physics Teacher, 40(3), 140-142.

Faix, Timothy and Palmquist, Bruce (2002). "Guided practice for oral lab reports." The Science Teacher, 69(2), 68.

Palmquist, Bruce (2000). "Facilitating communication in a distance education setting." Journal of College Science Teaching, 29(4), 337-340.

Palmquist, Bruce and Finley, Fred (1997). "Preservice teachers' views of the nature of science during a postbaccalaureate science teaching program." Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 34(6), 595-615.

Palmquist, Bruce (1997). "Scoring rubric for interview assessment." The Physics Teacher, 35(2), 88-89.

Palmquist, Bruce (1996). "Interview assessment in physics labs." The Physics Teacher, 34(8), 510-511.

Popular Press

Weekly observational astronomy column called "What's up in the Sky" published in The Daily Record, Ellensburg, WA (circulation: about 5500), May, 2001 to present.

Palmquist, Bruce, and Li, Guian, "Three things we can learn from comparing the Chinese and American education systems." Ellensburg Daily Record (July 18, 2007). English version online.


Palmquist, Bruce (2006). Instructor's Manual for Contemporary Activities in Astronomy (3rd edition). Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt.

Palmquist, Bruce (2003). Instructor's Manual for Contemporary Activities in Astronomy (2nd edition). Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt.

Palmquist, Bruce (1999). Instructor's Manual for Contemporary Activities in Astronomy. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt.


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