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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Lecturer Nathan Carpenter


Nathan Carpenter received a Ph.D from Duquesne University in 2002. Since then he has lived and taught around the US including in very cold places like the Dakotas (at least very cold if you are not from Canada or other more northern climes) and in very scary places like the Deep South (at least very scary if you are not a straight white man).

Over 95% of the classes Dr. C has taught have been classes where over 95% of the students have been taking the course to meet university requirements.

Dr. C only has two areas of specialization but both are very very special.
He only has two arrests but neither was even very special.

Dr. C has been at CWU since 2013 and hopes to continue on here, increasing  areas of specialization while not increasing arrests - but keeping those separated is difficult since most people believe correlation equals causation.









Ancient Greek Philosophy,













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