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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Lecturer Michael Fletcher


Michael Fletcher holds degrees in Philosophy from UCLA (B.A.) and UC Santa Barbara (Ph.D.). His doctoral dissertation (on Kant) was faculty-nominated for the 2013 Lancaster Dissertation Award Competition in the Humanities and Fine Arts. Currently, he is a full-time Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Central Washington University and formerly an Online Instructor of Philosophy at UC Berkeley Extension. He has taught introductory courses in philosophy, practical ethics, critical Thinking, logic (Formal and Informal), as well as courses covering the major periods in the History of Western Philosophy (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern). His research interests include Modern Philosophy (Descartes through Kant), with a specialization on Kant's theoretical philosophy as it concerns issues in the philosophy of mind (e.g., "cognitive semantics"). Other areas of philosophical interest include the philosophy of language, analytic philosophy of religion, and analytic M&E (metaphysics and epistemology).









History of Modern Philosophy (Kant), Philosophy of Mind













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