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Philosophy and Religious Studies

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Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies
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Lauren Nuckols



I received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Penn State University in 2017, where I also completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship this past year, and I earned a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Hartford in 2006. My main philosophical interests are Environmental Philosophy, Ethics, and American Pragmatism. I’m interested in the intersection of ethics and aesthetics, and its implications for environmental and human rights issues. For example, how do our ideals of beauty inform our ethical (or unethical) treatment of other persons? In what ways are ideals complicit in social inequalities along the lines of race, ethnicity, sex/gender, and disability? How does the perception of natural beauty affect our interactions with the nonhuman landscape? 
Consistent with my research interests, I have taught courses in Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics of Media and Journalism, Ethical Leadership, Philosophy of Love and Sexuality, Philosophy of Law, and Critical Thinking. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and painting.




Lauren Nuckols







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