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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Holocaust Remembrance 2012

Music of Remembrance - Far is My Home

 Monday, April 23rd, 6:30PM. Music Concert Hall

 FREE and open to the public!

For the fourth consecutive year at CWU, Seattle's world-class Music of Remembrance ensemble (under the direction of Mina Miller) will perform works by composers imprisoned in concentration camps, creating a program suffused with a longing to be elsewhere.

You'll hear Gideon Klein's elegiac "Fantasy and Fugue" for string quartet, written during his imprisonment in Terezin, and the satire of Terezin's cabaret songs. The Nazi propaganda machine attempted to portray Terezin as a model ghetto that demonstrated the Third Reich's humane treatment of the Jews. In reality, inmates passed through Terezin on their way to the death camps - or succumbed there to starvation and disease. Remarkably, the musicians there never ceased creating.

The audaciously original Erwin Schulhoff was sent not to Terezin but to a camp in Bavaria, where he perished in 1942. Banned as "degenerate" by the Nazi regime, Schulhoff's "Five Pieces for String Quartet" is inflected with elements of jazz, folk music and dance.

Mikhail Schmidt, Violin
Leonid Keylin, Violin
Susan Gulkis Assadl, Viola
Mara Finkelstein, Cello
Erich Parce, Baritone
Mina Miller, Piano

Sponsored by Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies, Department of Music, and Center for Diversity and Social Justice. For more information, call 509-963-1687 or 509-963-2939.

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