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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Faculty and Staff


Department Chair

Matthew Altman, PhD, Department Chair and
Associate Professor
LL337A, 509/963-2839; Home Page, Specialties - Kant, Applied Ethics, Nineteenth-Century Philosophy, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Art


Gary Bartlett, PhD, Associate Professor
LL316, 509/963-2047; Home Page, Specialties - Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Epistemology

Cynthia Coe, PhD, Professor and Director of
Women's and Gender Studies
LL 318, 509/963-2008; Home Page, Specialties - Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy

Women's and Gender Studies webpage

Jeffrey Dippmann, PhD, Professor and Director of Asia/Pacific Studies
LL 337C, 509/963-1830; Home Page, Specialties - Asian Religion and Philosophy, Daoism, Buddhist Philosophy, World Religions

Asia/Pacific Studies webpage

Michael Goerger, PhD, Assistant Professor
LL 346, 509/963-1358; Specialties - Ethical Theory, Ancient Greco-Roman Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

Anne Blankenship, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor
LL 337B, 509/963-1820; Specialties - Religion and Politics, Christianity, New Religious Movements, Religion in America



Michelle Carpenter, PhD, Lecturer
LL 337B, 509/963-1840; Specialties - Ancient Greek Philosophy, Ethics

Michael Fletcher, PhD, Lecturer
LL 347, 5096/963-1557; Specialties - History of Modern Philosophy (Kant), Philosophy of Mind

Geraldine O'Mahony, M Div, MA, Lecturer
LL 345, 509/963-1864; Specialties - African Politics and Development, Politics, Islamic Studies, Divinity

Karen Turcotte, MA Senior Lecturer
LL 337D, 509/963-1842; Specialties - Comparative Religions, Religion of India, Philosophies of India


Kristy Magdlin, Secretary Senior
LL 337, 509/963-1818


Emeritus Faculty