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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Dr. Coe presents "Progressive History and the Problem of Race." May 9th, 7:00PM, LL358

Philosophy & Religious Studies Colloquium


Dr. Cynthia Coe, Associate Professor & Director of Women's & Gender Studies

"Progressive History and the Problem of Race"

Can we believe that history is progressive without also establishing a racial hierarchy? Hegel's version of history contains both of these claims, by placing racial groups into different stages of history (childhood, adolescence, maturity).  The idea of progressive history remains culturally powerful, whereas the concept of a racial hierarchy has been abandoned, at least nominally.  Dr. Coe will examine whether the two claims can be so easily disentangled in the contemporary context.

Please join us: Wednesday, May 9th, 7pm, LL 358

Light refreshments provided.

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