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Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies

College of Education and Professional Studies

Physical Education Fitness (PEF)

Program Director: Debra D’Acquisto, MA

The purpose of the Physical Education Activity Program is to offer students an instructional program that utilizes physical movement as the primary educational medium. This program provides opportunities for the student to learn and improve physical skills. In addition, students develop knowledge of rules, terminology, proper technique, and safety issues specific to each particular activity.

PEF 110 Conditioning Exercises
Conditioning is designed to introduce the student to the basic principles and training methods for body conditioning so the student can establish an exercise program, which enhances overall well being.

PEF 111 Intermediate Conditioning Exercises
Intermediate conditioning is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge and practices of the principles and training methods for body conditioning so that the student can better establish an exercise program that enhances overall well-being. Some Intermediate Conditioning courses may be directly related to the development of conditioning for a particular competitive activity.

PEF 112 Ski Conditioning
Ski conditioning is designed to improve the general fitness level of each participant while emphasizing those aspects of fitness related to skiing activities.

PEF 113 Weight Training
Weight training is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge and practices regarding the basic techniques of weight training using weight machines and some free weights.

PEF 114 Intermediate Weight Training
Intermediate weight training is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge and practices of weight training. This class may be oriented toward the development of strength with a particular athletic pursuit in mind.

PEF 115 Jogging
Jogging is designed to provide the student with a basic grounding in the skills and knowledge required to participate in a safe and varied recreational jogging program.

PEF 118 Military Conditioning I
Meets Fall Quarter. Physical conditioning activities designed to prepare the Army ROTC Advanced course student for Advanced Camp and Air Force ROTC student for Field Training.

PEF 119 Military Conditioning II
Meets Winter quarter.

PEF 120 Military Conditioning III
Meets Spring quarter.

PEF 121 Bench Step Aerobics
Step aerobics is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge and practices regarding aerobic fitness utilizing aerobic routines, bench steps and music.

PEF 122 Dance Fusion
Combines elements of traditional high impact and low impact aerobics with Zumba, jazz, power yoga and sports movements into basic combinations.

PEF 123 Aerobic Walking
Aerobic walking is the safest and most convenient form of exercise for most people to engage in. This class is designed to improve the general fitness level of each participant.

PEF 126 Kick box Aerobics
This class is designed to introduce the student to the activity of kickboxing. Emphasis will be on safety factors, general principles of boxing and kicking and their relationship to cardiovascular fitness.

PEF 128 Gluteal and Abdominal Training
This class is for the student who benefits from a structured class atmosphere with background music who can be confident that they are performing abdominal conditioning, gluteal toning, and core muscle strengthening in a safe manner.

PEF 129 Abdominal Strength Conditioning
This class is structured for those students who will benefit from toning and strengthening the abdominal, lower back and core muscles. Use of medicine balls, free weights, tubing, jump ropes, physio-balls and other small pieces of equipment.

PEF 130 Triathlon Training
Triathlon training is designed to prepare students with the fundamental knowledge and physical skills necessary to participate in multi-component endurance events such as triathlons.

PEF 131 Frisbee
Frisbee is designed to provide the student with instruction and the opportunity to learn various throws and catching techniques that lead to challenging play. Positive social interaction is encouraged, of eye-hand coordination is developed and it is a recreational opportunity for students to become more active.

PEF 132 Women’s Self-Defense. A program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women.

PEF 140 Stretch and Strength with Balls.
This course combines balance, stretch and strength training using a variety of soft fitness balls. Dynamic balancing skills will be taught using BOSU and physioball. Strength and core drills will be taught using medicine balls and sport balls.

PEF 150 Beginning Yoga I
Beginning yoga is designed to introduce the student to the basic principles and techniques of (Hatha, Vinyasa, Kripalu or Pi-Yoga) for the purpose of increasing flexibility and strength and enhancing overall well-being. Please see notes when registering to determine which style yoga is being offered.

PEF 151 Yoga II
Yoga II provides instructions for students who have had a beginning class and want to advance their practice. The emphasis will be on asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and more challenging backbends and balancing postures.

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