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Sport and Movement Studies

College of Education and Professional Studies

Physical Education Aquatics (PEAQ)

Program Director: Debra D’Acquisto, MA

The purpose of the Physical EducationActivity Program is to offer students an instructional program that utilizes physical movement as the primary educational medium. This program provides opportunities for the student to learn and improve physical skills. In addition, students develop knowledge of rules, terminology, proper technique, and safety issues specific to each particular activity.

PEAQ 110 Springboard Diving
Springboard diving provides an introduction to beginning diving including proper technique and safety factors using both the one and three meter diving boards.

PEAQ 111 Beginning Swimming
Beginning swimming is designed to develop basic swimming skills, to improve physical fitness through swimming and to introduce swimming as a lifetime activity offering fun and fitness. Prerequisite, must be a non-swimmer.

PEAQ 112 Swimming
Intermediate swimming is designed to refine basic swimming skills and to improve physical fitness through swimming. Prerequisite, must be able to swim 50 yards. If you have no swimming skills, enroll in beginning swimming. If you are looking for fitness, enroll in the swim-conditioning course.

PEAQ 113 Advanced Swimming
Advanced swimming is designed to refine swimming skills and to improve fitness through swimming. Prerequisites ability to swim 225 yards continuously, employing at least three strokes.

PEAQ 114 Swim Conditioning
Swim conditioning is designed to introduce the student to concepts of cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance using swimming as the medium for exercise. Students will experience a variety of workout routines using various swimming strokes.

PEAQ 116 Water Polo
Water polo is designed to introduce the student to the skills and fitness components necessary to participate in the aquatic based team activity. Prerequisite, must be an intermediate swimmer.

PEAQ 118 Aquatic Conditioning
This course is designed for non-swimmers and swimmers who want to improve/maintain cardiovascular endurance, increase flexibility, tone muscles in the water medium.

PEAQ 120 Advanced Springboard Diving
Advanced springboard diving is designed to further the student’s knowledge and skill in springboard diving. Students will perform dives of varying degrees of difficulty.

PEAQ 122 Deep Water Fitness
This course is high-intensity deep-water training program that incorporates intervals, sports drills and running. No swimming skills are required. We will utilize buoyancy and resistance equipment.

PEAQ 221 Lifeguard Training (3 credits)

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