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Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies

College of Education and Professional Studies

Graduate Studies Classes

Department of PESHMS
Central Washington University
MS in Health and Physical Education
Tentative Instructional Schedule 2017-2019

DateCourse #Course TitleLocationCredits
Summer 2017
(Four week online intensive)
HPE 510Issues in Health and Physical EducationOnline3
HPE 581Technological Applications in HPEOnline3


Fall 2017

HPE 560Statistical Applications in HPEOnline4
PE 561Curriculum Trends in Physical EducationOnline3


Winter 2018

HPE 557Research MethodsOnline3
HPE 599Seminar in Physical EducationOnline2


Spring 2018

PE 540Socio-Psychological Dimensions of SportOnline3
PE 580

Physical Education Grant Writing and Fundraising




Summer 2018
(4 week online intensive)

HPE 595Graduate ResearchOnline3
PE 560Systematic Analysis of Physical EducationOnline3



Fall 2018

HPE 579Supervision of Teaching PE & Health EducationOnline3
PE 540Socio-Psychological Dimensions of SportOnline3


Winter 2019

HPE 577Physical Education CurriculumOnline3
PE 599

Physical Education Program




Spring 2019HPE 700Project/Examination/Thesis DesignOnline3

All students in the online program will follow this class schedule with the exception that graduate students may be permitted to substitute up to 9 credits of approved graduate classes into this program. Contact the PESMS Graduate Program Director for details. This schedule is subject to change.

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