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We appreciate your interest in Central Washington University's Public Health program. Our faculty bring commitment to the profession and to public health research, as well as experience in the classroom and in the field. Our classes offer students the breadth and depth of concepts and skills needed for success as public health professionals and for further study. Our students undertake internships and other practical experiences - in Washington, around the region, and around the world. Students consistently report outstanding experiences in these settings, and tell us about their multiple opportunities to demonstrate content knowledge, practice skills, and build relationships. Our graduates go on to work in public health agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations. Many pursue graduate programs in public health and other disciplines, including law and social work, as well as medicine and other health professions.

The mission of the public health program at CWU is to prepare committed graduates who are academically ready for the field and further study, have had relevant practical experiences, and are advised and supported toward placement in the field and in graduate programs.

Public health faculty challenge, and support, students to learn and prepare for our field. We pursue meaningful inquiry and practice in our respective areas of interest and seek opportunities for cross-disciplinary effort. Public health students articulate why they want to work in public health, discuss the complex nature of the work public health professionals undertake, and practice job relevant tasks. Students demonstrate conceptual knowledge, skills, and field-relevant professional values that in turn show their readiness for the field and for future study.

We value education that results in academic and professional preparation and demonstrates, through assessment, understanding of public health research and practice. We value engaged scholarship and meaningful service. We value our own continuing development as educators and scholars.

Program Information
The Bachelor of Science in Public Health prepares students for graduate work or careers in public health, a high-demand field in which professionals can, literally, change the world through improving social conditions and population health outcomes. Our program aims to develop competency in the core functions of public health, through rigorous courses that provide both content and hands-on opportunities in which students learn career-related knowledge and skills. Students will be exposed to evidence-based research and practice experiences. All students graduating from this program are required to complete a 400-hour internship experience, typically after all course requirements have been fulfilled.

Admission Requirements
Admission to the Public Health major requires a minimum GPA; students who do not meet the GPA requirement or other pre-admission requirements may apply for admission on a provisional basis. All students interested in the public health major or minor must meet with the program director, Dr. Rebecca Pearson. Contact Dr. Pearson at to schedule a pre-admission appointment.


Dr. Tishra Beeson, DrPH, MPH

Dr. Casey Mace, PhD, MPH

Dr. Rebecca Pearson, PhD, MPH


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