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Department of Physical Education, School and Public Health

PESPH Faculty/Students Garner Honors & Presenations

ELLENSBURG, WA--Several PESPH faculty and students received awards and presented at national and state conferences recently.  Here are just a few highlights:
• Dr. Heidi Pellett - 2012 recipient of the WAHPERD College/University Professor of the Year.  Undergrad student Debra Laulainer presented on acquatic wellness at the conference as well.
• Dr. Mark Perez – Awarded in Reno the Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness’ Dr. G. Arthur Broten Young Scholars Award.  Mark is the fourth member of our department to achieve this award (Jefferies, Ward, VanMullem (I miss him).  Dr. Perez also met with the National School Health Standards Committee in San Antonio floating a variety of important Health Education initiatives.
• Dr. Steve Jefferies – Organized a four-hour workshop on the future of physical education at the National Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) conference in Las Vegas where he also presented on PE 2050: Future Trends. He also presented on "PE 2020:  Visions: of Physical Education in the 21st Century." Jefferies was also a guest contributor to the 2012 issue of the Journal of Kinesiology & Wellness writing an article entitled "PE2020: Creating a 21st Century Physical Education Vision."
• Dr. Stefan Ward and Dr. Mark Perez  – Presented at the Western Society for Kinesiology’s conference in Reno, NV along with PESH majors Kevin McFadden, Joe Avila, and Evan Johnson on “Utilizing summer programs to promote wellness Knowledge Through Physical Education and Health Classes in Micronesia”  Dr. Becky Pearson also authored this paper.
• Dr. Becky Pearson – Presented at the Joint Conference on Health in Wenatchee with undergraduate students Audelia Martinez, and Martin Sanchez. (Oct 2012). “Successful methods for completing a Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan.  Martinez & Sanchez also presented a poster session “Stress and the CWU employee”.   Dr. Pearson also presented at the Society for Public Health Education Conference:  (Oct 2012). “Cooking with Students - Using the Community Kitchen Model, Partnerships, and Student Co-Planners to Create a Unique and Sustainable Health Promoting Campus Activity”.
Dr. Kim McBrideDr. McBride is presenting a series of conversations with students from across the CWU campus. “It Feels Good” is the first of a year-long discussion on issues of sexual health, sexuality and relationships.