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Parking Services

Washington State Parking and Traffic Regulations

WAC Sections

Monetary penalty schedule

Improper display of permit$15.00
Parking faculty-staff area$25.00
Parking yellow stripe or curb$25.00
Parking outside designated area$25.00
Obstructing traffic$30.00
Parking at improper angle or using more than one stall$15.00
Violation of the bicycle parking rules in WAC 106-116-901$15.00
Reserved parking area$25.00
No parking area$25.00
Overtime parking$15.00
Using counterfiet, falsely made, or altered permit$150.00 to $250.00
Illegal use of permit$150.00 to $250.00
No current permit$15.00
Parking service drive$25.00
Parking / driving sidewalks, malls$25.00
Parking / driving lawns$25.00
Parking fire lane$30.00
Parking fire hydrant$30.00
Driving, walking, leading, etc., certain animals on campus without permit (WAC 106-116-10401)$15.00
Other violations of the objectives of the CWU parking and traffic regulations$15.00 to $250.00
Parking in space marked "disabled person permit only"$250.00
Continuous Parking$25.00 to $200.00
No Parking 2:00 am to 6:00 am$25.00


Failure to respond within twenty-eight days will result in doubling of the original monetary penalty and a $5.00 administrative fee. However, in accordance with RCW 46.63.110(3), the penalty for failure to respond shall not exceed $25.00 for any single infraction. Further failure to respond may result in one or more of the following sanctions:

  1. Withholding of transcripts;
  2. Deduction from payroll checks;
  3. Withholding of parking permits; and/or
  4. Referral to collection agency.

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