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Parking Services

Faculty, Staff and Student Vehicle Update Form

Thank you for visiting our web site to update your Faculty/Staff/Student vehicle information. Please complete the information on this form and submit it. Upon submitting the form, the CWU Parking Office will update your parking record to reflect this current vehicle information.

  • Upon adding a vehicle to your account, you will be responsible for this vehicle and any citations issued to it.
  • Please return to this website form and complete it as many times as needed for as many vehicles you want registered to your parking permit.
  • Faculty/Staff/Students only get 1 parking permit. It is your responsibility to make sure that the permit is displayed and visible in the vehicle you are driving to campus on any given work day.
  • Faculty/Staff: the Parking Office will assume any vehicles not submitted with this form have been sold or are outdated and therefore our office will remove any vehicles not submitted with this for
  • You can complete this form at any time to add/remove vehicles to your record.

If you have questions, please contact our office at, or (509)-963-2667.

If you don't know if you are adding or updating a vehicle, please select "Adding New Vehicle" option.
123ABC, A12345B, ABC1234
Format Example: 2008
Example of vehicle Make is Toyota, Ford, Nissan, ect.
Example of a Model is Camry, Explorer, Pathfinder
Please use generic colors only - red, blue, green. Avoid using colors like periwinkle, midnight dusk, ect.
Rear doors (hatchback) do not count, just the visual # of doors a person would recognize.

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