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Transfer Students

We are excited for you to start the next chapter in your college experience with us and are here to support you during this transition. Below is additional information regarding your orientation experience, as well as answers to common questions. We encourage you to utilize the many resources available and contact us if you have any questions. If you will be enrolled at one of the CWU Centers (non-Ellensburg campus), visit the CWU Centers and online students page.

Your Orientation Experience


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Students Connecting

Orientation consists of several experiences hosted by orientation leaders where students are able to build community with other students, learn about university resources, and discover what CWU has to offer.

The focus is to confirm your class registration and include important transition needs, such as supplemental financial aid, housing, and dining information.

There will be opportunities for you to meet other new students, learn about university resources, and have a positive experience getting to know CWU.

Orientation sessions in summer 2022 will be in-person, one-day sessions with optional activities.

Navigate to your Applicant Portal to select your orientation date.

Other Orientation Experiences:

  • Welcome Week

    Welcome Week will help you feel at home at Central. You will continue to build connections with other students, become familiar with campus, and get acquainted with the many resources available to you. We will prepare you with valuable educational sessions and workshops.

    As a transfer student, you have the option to design your own orientation experience. Welcome Week is only mandatory for first-year students, but as a transfer student, we invite you to attend sessions as you choose.

  • First Six Weeks

    The First Six Weeks supplements content that you will receive during Welcome Week. Orientation staff, faculty, and campus-wide staff facilitate programs online and around campus. Topics address the academic and transitional issues new students typically face during the first six weeks on campus. Each event is categorized into the dimensions of wellness or dimensions of student life: social, cultural, environmental, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, occupational, and financial.

    Transfer students are encouraged to attend any of these events.

Common Questions for Orientation:

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